Driver Safety – Simple but efficient

To offer your driver safety does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Being a truck driver is already a dangerous job. Drivers face the road alone, often in harsh weather conditions, for weeks at a time and even worse: cargo theft is booming.

The EU transport industry suffers millions of euros in damage due to cargo crime. For years, criminals mainly targeted high-value goods. Today, everything you can imagine is stolen, and in every way too: diesel, merchandise, cut tarpaulins and cabin thefts.

The problem is that while large transportation companies invest in expensive security systems for high-value shipments, small companies are often hesitant.
But offering the driver safety does not have to be as complicated and expensive as many fear.

A mobile SOS button can save lives.

Our SatFONE range offers you a number small and lightweight, yet durable, devices which can be worn in various ways and enable a driver to raise a panic alarm easily and discreetly. A simple press of the SOS button will raise an alarm and open an audio channel to your dedicated response team.

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