Dear Business Partner,

Our focus has always been on the safety of people at work, our goal to make their work safer and their protection easier.

Now is the time to protect our own employees and their families.

For this reason, we take precautions. In order to avoid unnecessary contact, we will, if possible, set up our activities from home in the upcoming weeks or optionally split them into shifts.

Our local server structure is not endangered – all services and devices run 100% and can be monitored by us permanently. In the past few days, however, Google and Microsoft have published circulars with the information that various services will be restricted in certain areas or at certain time periods in terms of accessibility. We cannot predict how this will affect the internet.

Unfortunately due to supply bottlenecks from China but also from European production facilities, we have experienced delays in the production. Still we do not see a reason to panic.

We do everything we can to ensure daily business and service availability without any restrictions. This is just to inform you about the current situation.

We will of course inform you immediately about any new development.

Your No. 1 Security Partner