Optimal solutions for personal security and theft protection


For almost 25 years we have dedicated ourselves to the subject of GPS location and theft protection of goods, vehicles and mobile devices. We attach particular importance to personal security. The security of people who work in hazardous environments is as important as the health and safety of lone workers.


We offer our customers all aspects of the security concept, from SIM cards to remote monitoring by security personnel, as a complete solution – everything from a single source. Personal advice and individual device and software solutions are our key to success.


Person Security

The protection of people is very important to us – especially when it comes to dangerous work or tasks performed alone.

Vehicle Location

Navigation and vehicle location are in our blood and have been an important part of our portfolio since the early days.

Trailer Security

You will recognize our high standards in the field of securing and monitoring semi-trailers / trailers.

Container­ Security

Location and protection of containers and swap bodies made easy – we have the solution for you.

Security Sensors

Sensors and further accessories optimize security and remote control.

Software­ Solutions

The optimal software solution is crucial.

Perfect Security Solution for Light Commercial Vehicles

Perfect Security Solution for Light Commercial Vehicles

Protect your van and cargo from intruders and theft. With our SatLOCK.soft, you effectively lock the vehicle's rear door(s) with a titanium bolt and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering. Complementary sensor technology increases the security standard even more.

Your advantages when using our products:


Person Security:

  • Training for safe and correct action in dangerous situations
  • Help and support in emergency situations (e.g. accident, illness etc.)
  • Help and support with security systems
  • Mobile emergency systems with automatic alarms in the event of falling or fainting
  • Complete solutions right trough to 24/7-Intervention Service in emergency cases

Tractor Security:

  • Detection and reporting of diesel theft
  • Numerous alarm sensors, e.g. alarm button, gas sensor etc.
  • Inputs / outputs for external extensions
  • Route monitoring with remote control
  • Full telematics functions (logbook, tank recording, …)

Mobile and hidden solutions:

  • Location of containers and swap bodies, worldwide, even on the high seas
  • Special solutions for installation in the cargo or in special environments
  • Use of mobile devices in rental vehicles
  • Special solutions adapted to your requirements
  • Long battery life for optimal use over long periods

Trailer Security:

  • Monioring of the interior of the trailer (via light or movement sensors)
  • Monitoring and reporting of temperature data
  • Inputs / outputs for external extensions
  • Theft protection when parking by Geo-Fence
  • Electronic locks to block the doors
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