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About SatMARS Navigations- und Kommunikationssysteme GmbH

We are an innovative system house with almost 25 years of experience in the area of ​​locating and securing people and objects. We offer you customized solutions with high-tech devices, made in Germany. Our main focus is on cargo security.

Our systems provide real-time data on the position and temperature in the cargo area, as well as other data relevant to the cargo. We complement this with further intelligent sensors for the purpose of optimizing and protecting your values ​​and thus offer you a very flexible modular system solution that can be tailored to your changing requirements at any time.

To make the data accessible to you we offer you our web portal, an intelligent transport and logistics platform, which is optimally tailored to our products and your needs, and furthermore can be easily connected to third party systems. All monitoring and security data is bundled in one portal and can be used for logistics planning.

With us you get everything from one source:

We develop concepts and solutions for cargo and person security. We offer you all aspects of the security concept, from SIM cards to remote monitoring by security personnel as a complete solution – everything from a single source.

This is why our customers value our multi certified security concepts and monitoring solutions.

Our services: 

  • Support with financing via DE minimis and / or equipment rental
  • Training: your colleagues and workshop – one-time or regularly
  • We offer you all types of security services and products
  • We offer you security systems, tracking support, SIM card if required
  • We are there for you – 24/7/365

Our customers:

Our customers enjoy maximum security and discretion. For us the privacy and integrity of our customers’ information is of outmost importance and therefore strictly confidential.

That is why we show our products only schematically or do not publish them at all. In this way we also protect our customers.

Well-known companies have trusted our developments for almost 25 years. The reference was published only after the express consent of our customer.

Our customer base:

  • TAPA certified transport companies
  • Transport companies travelling through insecure territories
  • Companies with increased security requirements
  • Lone workers, truck drivers, construction workers, individualists

The acceptance among the drivers is very good

Fortunately, we had hardly any emergency situations so the SatFONE.smart have barely been used, but the point is that the driver is given a tool to ensure his safety and the drivers greatly appreciate this performance on our part.

We are happy to recommend SatMARS to other companies.

I am convinced that a lot of bulk carriers will approach you in the future since more and more security requirements are being imposed (safety of the driver when staying alone in the boiler).

We look forward to a continuing good cooperation!

Dominik Fröhlich – Project Manager

The History of SatMARS