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Safety for lone workers and those who work at hazardous places.

The safety of employees should be important to every employer. For both moral and occupational safety reasons. People who work alone are particularly dependent on a reliable emergency call system if an incident occurs. What happens if your employee has an accident and cannot call for help because he or she passed out?

Our emergency call systems were designed to protect people who work (in part or in whole) on their own, or those who perform activities in dangerous places. It is not only workers who are at risk, but also employees with gardening and landscaping companies who often do their work on their own, e.g. a farmer who travels alone in the field for hours on end. These lone workers have to trust that they will receive help as quickly as possible in the event of an accident, even without their intervention. Increase the protection of your employees considerably with our mobile emergency call devices, all equipped with integrated GPS location.


The SatFONE series offers an optimization of (workplace) security for every requirement and every budget.

Perfect for seniors or lone workers

The compact is a pocket-sized 4G mobile tracking unit. Thanks to GPS and motion sensor, the security center is alerted when the owner has fallen, has not moved for a long time or has left a defined zone and consequently enable a quick response in emergencies. Thanks to the intelligent docking station with Bluetooth function, it can also be used indoors.

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The emergency button for lone workers, people who travel alone or work at hazardous places.

The is an emergency button, connected to the mobile network with a micro SIM. It has the security features known from SatMARS, such as the fall or motion sensor, a geofence alarm and other user-friendly applications.

It’s small and light design makes the even more handy. It can be worn concealed around the neck or on the belt.

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The pocket-sized cell phone with an emergency signal

The is a small-sized emergency phone, which includes all important sensors and security features, such as the automatic reporting of the GPS location, and thus enables reliable location of people in an emergency. Apart from that the has all the capabilities of a normal cell phone – SMS, GPRS and telephony – so that you always stay connected.

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The smart companion

This smartwatch combines the proven security features with health monitoring, packaged in a chic design. In addition to GPS tracking, SOS alarm, drop alarm, geo-fence alarm, two-way communication and Bluetooth, the owner can keep an eye on his health at the same time.

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Small safety unit on a grand scale

Thanks to the latest technology on your wrist, the gives you maximum security in everyday life and reassurance for your loved ones. In seconds, you can notify a defined contact or a security center at the touch of a button. Thanks to intelligent sensors, the does this for you when you can no longer press the emergency button yourself.

In addition to GPS tracking, SOS alarm, case alarm, geo-fence alarm, two-way communication and Bluetooth, the impresses with numerous health functions.

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Both SatMARS emergency call systems have a location function and can be individually adapted with personally defined phone numbers.

Self-triggered alarms and voice connections enable reliable remote control of your work processes. You can communicate via voice connection.

If you have any more questions, just send us an email.