Locating and securing

swap bodies and containers

The multifaceted and flexible use carries both opportunities and risks.


It is the flexible use as a warehouse or the simple use in combined transport either by road, rail or ship, and last but not least, the inexpensive and largely independent choice of transport company that makes containers and swap bodies an ideal means of transport. The advantages of combined transport and/ or intermodal transport also lead to a great effort in terms of monitoring and recording the location and condition of the vehicle and its cargo. In addition to that container theft is big business, as is the theft of swap bodies. And it’s not always about the load, the loading capacity of the container or swap body can be even more valuable than its content.


Object localization and theft protection is the answer! A reliable location system gives you the opportunity not only to determine the location and condition of your container or swap body, but also to always keep an eye on your logistics planning and to control the associated administrative costs.


Secure your container or swap body and its content against theft. We have two very interesting solutions on offer especially for containers and swap bodies/ cases. Whether the flexible, mobile solution for containers or a permanently installed system for swap bodies, in both cases the installation is quick, easy and without the complex installation of an external power supply. At the same time, the fixed installation enables the door status to be monitored and thus a first step in securing the swap body. In addition, we offer you the connection of a solar cell to solve battery maintenance without the use of personnel.

Apart from the aspect of security, monitoring your containers or swap bodies/ cases can also reduce the associated managing costs.
Think about it: How many lists and tables do you keep to be able to control your fleet? How often do you still lose track, overlook past rental periods, have to accept losses due to “disappearance” or theft? How often does it happen that you have to argue with disgruntled customers about unannounced delivery delays? And how much money do you lose due to long downtimes or unforeseen route deviations?

You can also minimize the damage in the event of incorrect loading or incorrectly filled-in freight documents, which massively disrupt the logistics processes in container or swap body transport.
You know the consequences if trucks are not loaded with the right container because container numbers were exchanged or noted incorrectly!
Or the wrong containers were loaded because of number rotators or mix-ups. If the freight documents are not filled in correctly or illegibly, it can also happen that containers arrive at the wrong destination or even get lost.


In all of these situations the simple localization of your objects can help you to solve these problems or even prevent them. With an intelligent system solution from SatMARS you are in the best of hands.


The SatTRAC.lommy is a battery powered tracking device, camouflaged in a ventilation cover for containers or swap bodies.

This energy-saving lightweight is hidden on your container and informs you whether your container is still in the right place, has been moved or has even crossed a national border, on a daily basis.

Owing to the extremely energy saving Supercap Technology the replaceable batteries will keep the system alive for up to a year.


The SatMOS®.swap was designed to secure and track swap bodies or swap cases and meets the requirements of a reliable and universal localization unit with theft protection, thanks to the typical SatMARS security standards.

The compact size and the waterproof housing offer maximum flexibility when mounting on the object. The device can be mounted on the roof, on the walls or on the door.

The quick and uncomplicated installation in the interior of the swap body or case makes the SatMOS®.swap invisible to others and thus a reliable but discrete localization device for your objects.

By adding door contacts or motion sensors, you can easily upgrade the SatMOS®.swap to a security solution.


We are here to support you with our security solutions. Whatever happens, it is our biggest aim to make sure that transport and logistics business have access to help in an emergency not forgetting that any safety device is user friendly and meets your expectations.

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