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Optimal solutions for locating and securing swap bodies and containers

Containers and swap bodies are becoming increasingly important in the daily transport business. In particular, the flexible use as a warehouse and the simple use in combined transport either by road, rail or ship, and last but not least, the inexpensive and largely independent choice of transport company make the containers and swap bodies an ideal means of transport.

The advantages of combined transport and/ or intermodal transport also lead to a great effort in terms of monitoring and recording the location and condition of vehicle and cargo. At the same time container theft is big business, as is the theft of swap bodies. And it’s not always about the load, the loading capacity of the container or swap body can be even more valuable than its content, especially in peak times. This applies in particular to swap bodies, since these can be easily attached to any tractor.

We offer you mobile solutions, camouflaged in your container or swap body. They can be used for single transports or remain in the container or swap body over a longer period of time, up to one year.

Location of swap bodies and swap cases made easy

You use swap bodies and swap cases and want exactly to know as soon as they are set in motion, or you want to protect the contents from loss and theft? Then our SatMOS®.swap is the answer you are searching for.

The SatMOS®.swap was designed to secure and track swap bodies or swap cases. Due to its small size and simple handling and installation, there are numerous areas of application in which the SatMOS®.swap can be used.

With the security standards typical of SatMARS, the system meets the requirements for a reliable and universally usable location unit with theft protection for your objects. In addition to the safety factor, the location solution can also reduce the costs of managing your swap body.

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The undercover solution for container and swap body location

The is a micro sized tracking product supporting covert installation to monitor and protect high-value asset. It lasts for up to four years, giving it the longest battery life of any device of its size in the market.

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Robust and durable

The SatTRAC.extreme is a product specifically designed for container, trailer, or asset tracking. The rugged, IP68 waterproof design ensures that the product will perform reliably in harsh environments. The unique casing design allows rapid, flexible and low-cost installations.

Thanks to the 57000 mAh ultra-high capacity battery, the product will be powered up to 10-years, so that the product will ensure precise monitoring of the asset over a long period.

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Let the tracking device transfer the data straight to your administration software! And use the solution to check where capacity is available, how to avoid empty runs, where rental periods have expired, and the like.

By tracking your containers and swap bodies, you can also minimize the damage in the event of incorrect loading or incorrectly filled in freight papers that massively disrupt the logistics processes.

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