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The optimal expansion of safety in vehicles with the SatSENS family

Observation and location of objects and vehicles is the basis of all security and telematics systems. Intelligent sensors in the object which reliably monitor and evaluate situations are crucial for optimal security.

Thus, for us, the sensors area is the most important component of our all-encompassing security concept. That is why we have been developing intelligent sensors for every type of advanced data acquisition for more than 20 years.

We offer a variety of solutions with the SatSENS family. From tank monitoring against diesel theft to vehicle and load monitoring via special, predictive and intelligent sensors.

The intelligent expansion of your security solution

The SatIO-2 is an independent logic controller with a large number of digital inputs and outputs as well as serial communication interfaces. Additionally a built-in flash memory on micro SD cards is on board.

The advantage of the SatIO-2 is particularly evident when using several sensors and reactors at the same time to create a location system. In addition to the combination of all sensors to one module and the bundled forwarding, the SatIO-2 can also independently follow a procedure logic from multiple input signals. It can also carry out tasks and actions independently without having another intelligent system in background.

Especially as OEM version the system finds a strong support in the use with third-party positioning systems. You can achieve an optimal effect in interaction with sensors of the SatSENS family produced by SatMARS.

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The intelligent electronic locking system for cargo security

The intelligent electronic locking system SatLOCK was designed for installation in divers objects, such as semitrailers, containers, trailers, etc..

The integrated electronic control unit guarantees maximum safety and program-controlled activation, which can be modified at any time depending on the application.

The SatLOCK can be unlocked either by a manual keyboard on the container or trailer, using a constantly changing code, or by remote control via a software platform in the security center.

Through the connection to telematics and location systems from the SatMOS® family , it is possible to control the electronic locking remotely, by using SMS and / or GPRS communication. The SatLOCK is therefore the optimal security component for mobile objects to be monitored.

Especially as OEM version the system finds a strong support in the use with third-party positioning systems. You can achieve an optimal effect in interaction with sensors of the SatSENS family produced by SatMARS.

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The professional sensor technology to monitor large interiors

SatSENS.4d sensors are mainly used in the surveillance of large spaces such as the inside of a trailer or container.

The independent sensors for light and movement transmit constant information which can be evaluated independently, and give you the opportunity to react according to the situation. The strength of the module is the almost 360 ° panoramic view.

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Tank sensor for detection and report of diesel theft

Theft of fuel is increasing year by year, especially for trucks that travel a lot and construction machines that are often parked in remote areas. But it is not necessarily the loss of fuel that leads to a drop in sales, but rather the associated failure of the machine, not to speak of the associated pollution of the environment. The SatSENS.fuel was especially designed to monitor the fill level of fuel tank in order to recognize and report diesel theft. Due to the very precise measurement in the millimeter range, even small losses can be recognized.

We also paid attention to a simple installation of the sensor. By gluing the sensor to the bottom of the fuel tank – no drilling needed – you save time and money and still achieve a maximum level of security.

The loss of diesel in a cooling unit is particularly delicate. If the cooling unit fails, the goods spoil. Here our solution is the combination of SatMOS®.frigo and SatSENS.fuel.

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The acoustic alarm in case of gas entry to protect people

Not only in value transports but also in the private area, e.g. when camping, robbers often stun their victims with commercially available gases.

The SatSENS.gas with its acoustic alarm was developed to warn the affected person and to prevent criminal attacks.

The focus of this product is clearly on alerting people who are in the vicinity of the sensor. The acoustic alarm has a corresponding volume in order to wake up sleeping people, if necessary. It works independently and without other components. Since gas accumulation is normal in some situations, for example when cooking, the system has a switch to deactivate the function.

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All sensors mentioned can be connected directly to tracking devices of SatMARS or can be used by third parties with our intelligent logic module SatIO-2.

The SatLOCK-1 is an intelligent and flexible applicable locking system, indispensable for many different areas in the transport sector or for any applications where a programmable motor is required. It is the highlight of the SatMARS accessories catalog.

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