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Secure your load and trailer against theft and you will know exactly where your vehicles are right now!

To loose your trailer means a lot of trouble, stress and extra work. But that is not the only thing. You will loose orders because the trailer or semi-trailer was part of your logistics planning.

In Germany for example there is a robbery of a truck and its load every 20 minutes, according to the German Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association (DSLV). Almost 26,000 cases were listed in 2016. According to the association, this caused a damage of 1.3 billion euros.

These costs and damages can be minimized or prevented using our products. With an advance alarm you can take appropriate action because you simply know where your load exactly is. Or even better, secure your property so it cannot be stolen at all. Starting with an additional electric locking device up to a high value security system – we would be happy to advice you.

Resistant, durable and expandable. Our solution for safety-optimised object location.

The SatMOS®.box-enhanced was specially developed for use in heavy-duty vehicles such as trailers, tankers, refrigerated trucks, low-bed trailers. The robust and waterproof design ensures that the device works reliably even in harsh environments, e.g. fuel and chemical transports. It can operate for up to three months without an external power supply, making it ideal for locating trailers even when they are not connected.

Thanks to multiple interfaces and Bluetooth, the SatMOS®.box-enhanced can be easily connected to external, but also wireless accessories.


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The entry into security-optimized location of vehicles and objects

The SatMOS®.box was not only designed to locate vehicles, but is the entry into the security of vehicles of all kinds. Long-term site guarding and tour tracking are the core functions of this system. Combined with our 24/7 surveillance service, theft can be quickly detected, tracked or even prevented.


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Extended security for commercial vehicles

When transporting valuable goods a simple location of the truck fleet – e.g. as can be achieved with the SatMOS®.box – is not sufficient. The value of the cargo requires additional security measures. Here the SatMOS®.secure is the right choice.

The SatMOS®.secure is a security platform in the tractor that controls a variety of sensors from our placed in the trailer, so you have full control of trailer and load.

The SatMOS®.secure was developed especially for value-added transports and uses the tracking unit SatMOS® 18, which is used by many certified high-security transport companies who are usually TAPA TSR-1 and BAT-V1 certified – this is the foundation stone and could be your entry into a special transport market.

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The optimal protection against theft and manipulation of value transports

Monitoring temperature-sensitive goods is always a very important and delicate issue. Refrigerated transports are rightly considered the “supreme discipline” in logistics. In order to protect the sensitive goods, an optimal cold chain must be maintained. If not, the goods will spoil in the worst case.

Over many years we have gathered experience in this field and are pleased to present you our solution for temperature control in your trailer, swap body or container.

We offer you the SatMOS®.frigo with Euroscan printer systems and sensors from ORBKOMM or alternatively with our in-house temperature sensors from the SatSENS product family. You can connect up to ten independent temperature sensors. If you combine the SatMOS®.frigo with our SatLOCK products, it will meet the requirements of a complete security system which you can use for your pharma transports.

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The optimal protection against theft and manipulation of value transports

Your most precious capital is the trust placed in you by your customers. And you will only gain their trust by delivering their goods undamaged, complete and in time. Thus the transport of valuable goods requires a perfect logistics strategy and the highest security standards.

Our SatLOCK devices were developed especially for high value transports and fulfill most security standards such as TAPA-TSR-1 or even higher e.g. BAT-V1.

The Safety-Level #1 system provides a maximum degree of safety. Here, additional frame constructions increase the safety against theft. The solution is supplemented with sensors from the SatSENS family , which enable indoor and environmental monitoring.

To meet cold chain standards for temperature-sensitive goods, the system can be supplemented with the SatMOS®.frigo and thus fulfills all requirements expected, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry.

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The possibility to connect further products, e.g. sensors from the , gives you the option to upgrade the security level or specialize the system for value transports.

Take for example the SatMOS®.frigo. Combined with products from the it can easily meet the requirements expected in the pharmaceutical industry.

If you have any more questions, just send us an email.