Fully-fledged compartment protection for light commercial vehicles

Protect your Light Commercial Vehicle and its load with our SatLOCK.soft.

The SatLOCK.soft will lock and secure the door of your vehicle automatically by closing the door, by using a keypad or by your telematics system, depending on your wish and requirements. Its titanium steel bolt which additionally locks the door will prevent access by unauthorized individuals. A simple but extremely effective cargo protection.

For the detection of the status of doors and rolling shutters (open / closed) we offer the SatSENS.door.
It is characterized by high tamper resistance and failure safety, as well as accuracy in the analysis of the status.
The four independently operating light and motion sensors of the SatSENS.4d keep an eye on every room.
Due to the independent sensors, it is possible to react precisely and reliably at any time and to evaluate both values immediately.
The strength of the module also lies particularly in the almost 360° panoramic view.
The SatSENS.alert is an unimposing alarm button that can be easily installed in the side of the driver’s seat or in the dashboard.
The button has a clear pressure point and signals the activation of the signal also visually by the built-in LED.
Put your trust in more security now! We will be happy to assist you with advice.