Blind spot: How a turn assistant can prevent accidents

Trucks often present a major risk in road traffic. Serious accidents with cyclists and pedestrians often occur when turning right, because the driver of the truck can often only see other road users late or not at all due to large blind spots – especially with so-called long trucks. Although the vehicles are equipped with mirrors, these are not sufficient to keep all hazardous areas of the truck in view. As a result, people are easily overlooked.

Due to the high accident rate across Europe, the European Union has now decided to make the use of a turn-off assistant mandatory from 2024.

According to the EU Type Approval Regulation 2019/2144, turn assist
systems will be mandatory for new vehicles from July 7, 2024.

We recommend retrofitting your vehicle now, before the installation of assistance systems becomes mandatory.

Quick response and initiative is financially rewarded in many countries! Check the financing options in your country – it may be worth taking action now.

We have already been proud of the good cooperation with Wüllhorst Fahrzeugbau in a number of campaigns and can recommend the Wüllhorst retrofit solutions to you. With the combination of radar sensor, camera and AHD monitor, the Wüllhorst turn-off assistant provides the driver with the best possible overview and offers the weaker road users the greatest possible safety. Thus, serious accidents with pedestrians and cyclists can be avoided. The AAS-4.0 also meets all funding criteria and is not only supported by the BVG.

The system is specially adapted to the requirements in trucks.

Your advantages
  • Significant improvement in road traffic safety due to additional safety when turning
  • Monitoring of the right lateral close-up range by specially developed wide-angle camera
  • Detects critical traffic situations independently through intelligent image analysis
  • When a person or object is detected, a visual and optionally additional acoustic warning signal is sent to the driver
Put your trust in more security now and get ahead of compulsory
legal regulations! We will be happy to assist you with advice.