Reaiming Secure Truck Parking

TAPA EMEA’s 2019 annual study reported 2019 as the highest levels of crime recorded in the association’s 23-year history and the highest %age of these crimes occurred at truck stops, secured and unsecured.

„It is no secret that there is a global lack of both standard and secure truck parking!”

Charlie Anderson

Shippers demanded lower costs, logistics service providers operated on annual tender cycles, and large fuel retailers leveraged free/low-cost parking to attract traffic to their core businesses – fuel and retail. At the same time motivation to invest in security and facilities was often lacking.

Freightsafe has partnered with Bosch Service Solutions GmbH to create the worlds first Modular Parking Bay, a product and service that builds on a few key areas where traditional truck stops fall short.

The fully automated, 24/7 censored Modular Parking Bay is the result of a six-year study focused not only on secure truck parking and trailer exchange but also on trailer charging and driver accommodation, all on a space-by-space basis. Being fully automated, the Freightsafe strategy is future-proofed in the context of smart/autonomous vehicles.


The Modular Parking Bays feature controlled access and egress through pre-booking facilities and each bay is monitored by motion sensors 24/7.


The locations are connected to local supermarkets, shops, pharmacies and much, much more, allowing the driver to make the most of his break, knowing that his truck and cargo is safe.


Freightsafe comes with an integrated Nomadpower charging system for the trailer. One solution to reducing CO2 emissions is to maintain the temperature of refrigerated trailers using charging systems, as opposed to running off diesel                                      generators.

Considering the scalability, a Modular Parking Bay can be built just about anywhere. In fact, it only takes 2 days to set one up. The idea is to develop existing groundworks and access them on a rental basis, rather than purchasing new locations. Thousands of existing truck-related facilities could provide a ‘ready-to-go’ network.

The world’s first Modular Parking Bay was developed in 2018, at the BOSCH research and development facility in Germany. Combining the features of the existing BOSCH booking platform and physical security measures, the Modular Trailer Bay adds another layer of security.

Freightsafe has recently launched its first two sites in Europe. The first in Magdeburg, Germany, provides secure parking bays for two trucks, developed for a particular trade route and commodity. The second site, situated at the Port of Trelleborg in Sweden, provides an initial single-bay parking facility and was developed following a series of serious cargo theft incidents. This second site seeks to prove the effectiveness of the concept and is available for booking through the BOSCH online booking platform.

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