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Navigare necesse est! – The principle of our vehicle navigation

In 2010, around 6,400 trillion tonne-kilometers were generated in international road freight transport. In 2050, it is said to be more than 30,000 trillion tonne-kilometers.

Taking this into account, we know that the organization and control of logistics processes is becoming increasingly complex. Trends such as globalization, environmental protection and cost efficiency have a significant impact on the industry. At the same time, the theft of vehicles and their cargo is a growing problem. One in six European truck drivers have become victim of a robbery in recent years, according to statistics from the Police Crime Prevention (ProPK).

Our products can help you to keep track of your vehicles and to protect your valuable trucks and drivers in the most optimal way. Increase the safety of your vehicle and cargo with the SatMOS®-20, our universal all-in-one navigation system. In addition to that our – the mobile panic button with integrated GPS location, voice communication and fall sensor – will giver your driver a good feeling, when leaving the vehicle.


Whatever you choose, the pure object location or the all-round security package, we are happy to advise and support you.

The entry into security-optimized location of vehicles and objects

The SatMOS®-17 was not only designed to locate vehicles, but is the entry into the security of vehicles of all kinds. With the security standards typical for SatMARS and the possibility to upgrade the device, it can fulfill the requirements of a complete security system.

By using motion sensors from the SatSENS family in the driver’s cab you can offer your driver additional protection and / or safe your goods from theft by installing them in the loading space of your light commercial vehicle. Due to its variability the system can be installed quickly and hidden in the vehicle.

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The All-In-One System for Navigation, Telematics and Security

The SatMOS®-20 was specially designed for navigation of trucks and LCVs. It’s not only the user friendly 7“-Touch-Display that makes it so attractive, but the possibility to add a variety of telematics functions.

The central strength of the SatMOS®-20 is ​​security. Complemented by remote monitoring / -control and the possibility to connect alarm buttons, gas sensors, electronic locks and more make it a full quality security system.

Everyday telematics functions such as communication with the driver via text message or voice, as well as the transmission of orders and driving/ rest periods are standard functions and thus ensure universal use of the system.

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